How to keep your mobile data safe?

How to keep your mobile data safe?

In this world , it's become a trend to steal your assets with confidential data . 70% Robbers are there to steal your  cell phones .People are aware of this while their cell phones are stolen, they don't care about their confidential data . People don't follow the robbery of cell phone masters.

Data is the key to your business  or your personal data is most important or plays a huge role in harassing your position and personality.While sharing small pieces of data, receivers easily hack you . Be careful while sharing or updating any data over the internet era.

The tramp which you must to follow:-

-Don't share your personal info

While  you're engaging with someone, be aware  of sharing your ids and passwords of any applications which so confidentials to you via internet .While you’re communicating don't share such snapshots which gives them strong evidence .Beware of sharing such picture like screenshots which might contain such technical information by which you can be harrssed.

-Your mobile should be protected

You should lock your cell phones with a secured password .If you will not lock your phones with a  secured password, robbers easily catch your flood of data and it will  come under bad hands.

-Stick powerful password

Stick a strong password which is unique and dissimilar  that anybody can't afford or guess it well.The password should not be your name  or pet name ,might not be so personal .it should be unique and the combination of  numbers ,alphabet capital or small ,unique expressions  and symbols etc.

Put a secure password which nobody guesses it fast .You can put like your enemies goals,name  or which is something related to your enemies.

-Use such applications to protect your data

For your data security ,you should install such an anti-virus application  on your cell phones .These programs can protect against viruses and hacking attempts. This application monetizes your data and gives you a popup notification to either process that step or not. 

-Protect your confidential data

Your cell phone  holds a flood  of data. If it’s stolen, your emails, contacts, financial information and more can be at threat. To protect your smartphone  data, you can make sure the data is encrypted. Encrypted data is stored in an unreadable form so it can’t be understood.

-Keep your eyes upon on downloading era

When you are downloading apps, be sure to download them from the official app stores and check reviews.cyber criminals use such links or images to steal your data very sharply .To avoid this trap, be sure to look at the number of reviews, last update and contact information of the organization.

-look out such Apps terms

If you are installing any application and the terms and conditions are must  to accept before using the application .So,beware when you accept such terms and conditions . When you are accepting these rules read it carefully and then accept it.Because these applications steal your data very cleverly and you only sell your data by accepting  such rules.Read it and Accept it.

-Beware of wi-fi networks

The beauty of mobile devices is that we can access the internet anywhere and everywhere we go.If you will go to your friends house or any public area you just search for a wifi and passcodes to connect with their networks.


“Smartphones are pocket-sized computers that can hold all your important data and personal information. Keeping these mobile security tips in mind will help you protect your device.”


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