How dangerous are phishing ,pharming and other social engineering Attacks.

How dangerous are phishing ,pharming and other social engineering Attacks.


As we walk in this digital world ,you are fully wrapped by digital tech. As you wake up early  in the morning  or at late night going to sleep you are fully triggered  with tech. And peoples are using social media applications ,posting their recent activities over the internet .Teens are so addicted to such application like facebook and instagram  by which they used to share their current situation or feeling through live ,streaming, images and  thoughts .Cybercriminals always use to compete with advanced technology.

These days data is decrypted in many ways .People steal your data in different ways .Breaching your data from your website, cell phones, by sending small messages, generating links, fraud notification , viruses on hardware and much more.

Technology is not only to offer you a job, it is also a part of cybercriminals to misuse your data over the internet…


-While using such applications your data can be breached. Such applications are fraud and contain malicious features to steal your data cleverly by installing them.

-Sending a sweet or energetic message with links, by clicking on a message.

-A external hardware connection contains strong viruses .By connecting  pendrives ,spywares were automatically installed in your devices.

-Connections like wifi , routers, broadband in which black hat hackers spy on your transaction  process and try to steal your data.

-Websites pages were unsecured because ,background of that page contains spoofers who have already hacked that website page ,while entering your data like logination information .They steal your little bit of information  from the page.

-Beware of fake account connections on your websites or other social media applications.They create fake accounts and then spy on your recent activities .


Phishing is the term to steal your data without your permission . In this, hackers used to hack the server to do such a scam. It targets mostly the pages which are the top most in the social market .Its ways to get yours in a confidential manner is like a hacker creating a jammer in your static or dynamic page of your website which is in the top most social market. If you enter your details on a web page ,it will automatically get your enter details straightly to hackers .Likewise they use it to hack your websites data or content or customers data.


Pharming is to install malicious code in your devices .The aim of the hackers is to snatch your financial information, sensitive records, personal images and text to harass you or blackmail you. Malicious code  installed by such connections like pendrives ,wifi,routers and much more.

Social engineering attacks…

Social engineering attacks is that hackers intentions to earn money by using such techniques or tricks on your devices and steal your data without your information .The techniques which they follows are malicious code, viruses, spybots, sniffing, spoofing,  pharming,  phishing, spear phishing , ransomware , spyware, worms, Trojan horse, baiting, pretexting, vishing, water-holing, tailgating , quid pro quo , baiting and much more.

Cyber criminals earn more than you earn while running your business .They mostly earn from facebook scams and sending scam emails .Beware of these cyber thefts ,use secure firewalls that without your permission ,they can’t enter into your server. Cyber criminals want to compete with the advanced technology and keep going on updates of generating different ways to harm or steal your confidential data.

“Curiosity pulls people into the scam.”

                                                     ~Frank Stallone

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