How are Instagram and facebook followers vulnerable?

How are Instagram and facebook followers vulnerable?

In this world all are love birds of  social media applications .Nowadays social media has become a trend .Social media  applications are like facebook,twitter,instagram,hike,snapchats,whatsapp and sub applications etc.Is to sharing your thoughts,emotions ,private messages ,sharing moments by such visuals .Social medias tied the people ,families ,lovers and business with such applications using interface like cell phones ,smartphones,highly laptops,mini-micro computers,tablets etc.

It’s common knowledge by now that social media rots the soul.

People used to share their private thoughts and emotions over whatsapp ,long enough to share the good news in one way with such visuals .


On instagram users used to share their feelings or emotions which is related to relationship status .The scenarios to share the emotions of joyous by hitting on your posts and story status which plays a huge role on instagram .

Or privately messages  via people used to get little information.

The filters tied them to capture  their real moments and grab them to post or make story status .

A flood of text gives friends a detailed  description of your great opinion .And  such opportunities  by via video calls and voice calls or by commenting on your post which is a public account.Such description can be summed up by emojis and hashtags .By using such emojis fresh your soul for a moment via chats.

A loaf of features on this application which is thought provoking and engaging your soulmates.

A long status which tends followers to learn or know each other well.And it's good to get content  in a huge way for debates or other activities and post your long-lasting visuals or videos  to show your great talent to e-audience.

Whole day online on this application users used to type their sympathies , helps

,disagreement ,acceptance and joyousness.

Teens are key to these applications.


It is the first application in this world to share our moments ,feelings,emotions,disagreement,acceptance.Facebook is the key source of social media or you can say facebook is the king of social media Applications.

In which people get and set together easily and give their description as a flood of text via on chat inbox.

The features of these applications  update your status or profiles .Nowadays facebook  already upgraded such features like locking profiles and a loaf of images to share  in different ways. People used to call each other via messenger .Facebook plays a huge role when you are linking such applications like pubg ,twitter,instagram,hike, .As Facebook upgraded  the main feature is when you are linking your facebook profile via other applications.

If you are emotionally hearted you can share your thoughts via messages with fake accounts that heals you when you speak out something which is cursing you insightly.


                                                                                 ~Brene brown

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